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  • Pay-For-Performance Incentives In Low- And Middle-Income Country Health Programs
    This chapter surveys experience with performance pay in developing country health programs. It focuses on four key conceptual issues:

    (1) What to reward,
    (2) Who to reward,
    (3) How to reward, and
    (4) What unintended consequences might performance incentives create.
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With the aim of incorporating a comprehensive plan for health in India the Planning Commission of India, under approval by the Prime Minister, constituted the High Level Expert Group (HLEG) on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in October 2010. Themandate was to develop a framework for providing easily accessible and affordable health care to all Indians and suggesting a 10-year strategy going forward. With technical support from the PHFI secretariat, the review process of the HLEG consisted of situational analyses...

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