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  • Now, a right to health to be Congress trump card: View MoreWith its back to the wall, the Congress is pitching for what it hopes could be a game-changer in the Lok Sabha polls: Universal health coverage or, simply put, the right to health.
  • Industry pushes for hybrid insurance model to achieve universal health coverage: View MoreA report released by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) on Monday recommended that a model which allows public sector to deliver services like antenatal care and immunization and private insurance to cater to emergency and curative services will be effective in implementation of universal health coverage.
  • Time for 'Right to Healthcare': View MoreAmartya Sen says India ranks alongside Haiti and Sierra Leone when it comes to government spending on health as a share of the total health expenditure of the people.
  • Universal coverage challenges require health system approaches; the case of India: View MoreThis paper uses the case of India to demonstrate that Universal Health Coverage (UHC)) is about not only health financing; personal and population services production issues, stewardship of the health system and generation of the necessary resources and inputs need to accompany the health financing proposals.
  • In support of patient rights: View MoreThe Supreme Court's award of a record compensation of Rs. 5.9 crore in a case of medical negligence is in continuation of its well considered stance of balancing the rights of patients with the legitimate protection of doctors when they are on call. The significance of such an approach cannot be overstated in the specific context of India, where the health care system - in the public and the private sector - functions under sub-optimal conditions; while the entire medical profession operates within the purview of the Consumer Protection Act.
  • Medical mobile services will open up access by masses in India: View MoreIn a country where universal healthcare is a daily challenge to meet because of difficult geographic constraints, one leading hospital group in India has turned to mobile to increase its accessibility and coverage.
  • Why health insurance schemes in low- and middle-income countries are leaving the poor behind: View MoreIn a new report published today, Oxfam is warning that health insurance schemes introduced in the name of universal health coverage (UHC) are excluding the majority of people and leaving the poor behind. The Oxfam contribution takes up a key element of the recently published MMI discussion paper on UHC - and makes it more explicit.
  • Healthcare for India's workers: View MoreThe Union Ministry of Labour has done well to raise the salary cap for availing Employees' State Insurance (ESI) to Rs.25,000.
  • Will India deliver on universal health coverage?: View More''...only serious barrier is a lack of political will to strengthen the public health system and increase budget allocation''. There are further points made in the editorial that identify unnecessary channelising of public funds into private sector as a problem.
  • Research for Universal health Coverage: View MoreScientific research has been fundamental to the improvement of human health.Research is vital in developing the technology,systems and services needed to achieve universal health coverage. On the road to universal coverage, taking a methodical approach to formulating and answering questions is not a luxury but a necessity.