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  • Universal Healthcare in India - Making it public, making it a reality: View MoreThis paper argues for a fundamentally different vision of UHC policy, premised on creating an integrated and comprehensive public health system that prioritizes people's needs, and on reversing the drift toward increasingly private healthcare delivery. It examines key facets of India's healthcare sector, analyzes the reasons underlying its inability to meet UHC goals at present, and proposes public solutions to fill health delivery gaps in a more efficient, transparent, equitable and sustainable way.
  • Achieving Universal Health Coverage in Nigeria One State at a Time: A Public-Private Partnership Community-Based Health Insurance Model: View MoreUniversal health coverage (UHC), the concept that encompasses goals like individuals should have access to health services and should not face financial hardship as a result of health care costs. In this paper, we discuss UHC in the context of Nigeria, a middle-income country that nevertheless is facing enormous health challenges.
  • Another bitter pill for patients: View MoreThe current market prices are essentially over and above the actual cost of production - a difference that could run from 100 per cent to 5,600 per cent, depending upon various therapeutic categories
  • Paying the price: View MoreThe much-awaited Drug (Prices Control) Order 2013 has disappointed millions of patients, as it lacks a fair formula to fix the price ceiling and leaves important drug classes out of regulation. The result: High out-of-pocket spending on medicines will continue
  • Universal Health Coverage for India?: View MoreThese are exciting times for health care reform in India. Last year in his Independence Day Address the Prime Minister declared ...
  • Low-cost breast cancer screening helps Tamil Nadu women: View MoreAn initiative launched to screen women for early signs of breast cancer through relatively low ...
  • Seniors left in lurch as companies curb health cover for employees' parents: View MoreCompanies are withdrawing health insurance cover facility for employees' parents under group mediclaim policies citing rising costs. Parental cover, routinely provided by companies around five to six years ago, is now sponsored by employers in just 36% of group covers.