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  • UPA’s addition to health budget falls short of requirements
    Live Mint March 6 2013
    New Delhi: The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government’s ‘health for all’ slogan could remain just that as the addition in the budget for health in the next financial year is Rs.7 000 crore which experts said falls far short of the amount needed to start making universal health coverage (UHC) a reality.
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  • Health for all in small doses?
    The Financial Express March 4 2013
    The Planning Commission and finance ministry must take a health system approach and not follow a path of fragmented programme-by-programme allocation.
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  • Not a healthy budget say experts
    The Indian Express March 1 2013
    A disappointing budget for the health sector as promises have not been fulfilled and expectations from the assurances made by the 12th five year plan not lived up to is the common refrain among experts who have been involved in various committees at the planning commission.
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  • Budget 2013: Bigger role for private sector in Healthcare
    Live Mint February 28 2013
    Experts say that in real terms the allocation for health has actually gone down when factoring in inflation.
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  • Feel the nation's pulse
    Hindustan Times February 28 2013
    Health budgets usually do not invoke much excitement. This year might be an exception. For one this budget comes at a time when India's economic growth is falling. Such events usually see austerity imposed on social sector programmes including healthcare.
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