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  • Implementing Universal Health Coverage
    Press Information Bureau February 27 2013
    The Twelfth Plan strategy seeks to strengthen initiatives taken in the Eleventh Plan to expand the reach of health care and work towards the long term objective of establishing a system of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in the country. The Plan envisages substantial expansion and strengthening of the public health systems both in rural and urban areas with robust provision of primary health care.
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  • What Will Universal Health Coverage Actually Cover?
    Center for Global Development February 20 2013
    This week the World Health Organization held a major international meeting on universal health coverage (UHC) with Director General Margaret Chan reaffirming her regard for universal coverage “as the single most powerful concept that public health has to offer.”
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  • WHO/ World Bank Ministerial-level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage
    Global Health Workforce Alliance February 18-19 2013
    The consultation jointly convened by WHO and the World Bank on Universal Health Coverage which will take place in Geneva on February 18 and 19 2013 represents an important opportunity for policy dialogue building on the growing momentum for UHC
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  • The Doctor Only Knows Economics
    Outlook India Magazine February 18 2013
    This could be the UPA’s worst cut to its beloved aam admi. Healthcare has virtually been handed over to privateers.
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  • Universal Health Coverage: what is it and why does it matter?
    The Conversation February 17 2013
    Universal Health Coverage (UHC) will be in centre spotlight for the political develop
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