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  • Lessons India can learn from China
    Live Mint November 21 2012
    The barefoot doctors phenomenon is a thing of past in China but it holds valuable lessons for India
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  • Side-effects of poor public health
    The Hindu Business Line November 19 2012
    The economic benefits of higher public health outlays have been overlooked. And growth alone does not improve health outcomes.
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  • Transforming India’s healthcare
    Hindustan Times November 6 2012
    When the Prime Minister announced in his Independence Day address of 2011 that health would be among the foremost priorities of the 12th Five-Year Plan (2012-17) it was both an admission that health has been hitherto an area of great neglect and a promise that policy would now accord it the
    priority it deserved. Are we now on that path?
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  • The expanding cover
    The Hindu October 18 2012
    A World Bank study for the Health Ministry recommends health insurance for outpatients and innovative health financing schemes for universal coverage
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  • Medical expenses plunge 4 crore into poverty each year: President
    The Financial Express October 17 2012
    “I am deeply concerned about the impoverishing impact of health and medical expenses on the vulnerable sections of our society. It is unacceptable that almost 80 per cent of the expenditure on healthcare by our people is met by personal out-of-pocket payment. I am shocked to note that as many as 4 crore people in our country plunge into poverty each year due to expenses on medical treatment ” Mukherjee said.
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