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  • Examination of Governance and Institutional Mechanisms for Urban Public Health Services in the Municipal Corporations of 3 Indian Cities (Mumbai, Chennai and Ahmedabad)

    India’s current National Health Policy (NHP) has emphasized a renewed focus on urban health through improving the efficiencies of urban public health systems by strengthening and revamping urban health governance structures. It is therefore, crucial to understand the management of events and actors in urban


    public health systems. The National Health Mission (NHM) provides an opportunity for strengthening urban public health services and to reduce people’s exposure to communicable diseases. Although, National and state level government policies influence services and often determine what resources will be available at the local level, it is the municipal agencies that are responsible for implementation of policies. What is clear from available data is that urban populations are at increased risk for certain endemic and epidemic-prone infectious diseases, as well as lifestyle and market-driven non-communicable chronic diseases.  This study seeks to examine institutional mechanisms for policy implementation and directions for public health services in urban areas rc helicopter and highlight the importance of multisectoral action and intervention at governance levels. The concept of governance within the health sector is still relatively new suggesting that it is an ongoing process. In this context, complex urban health governance structures with their varied organograms across different cities has been increasingly seen as an area that requires more in depth examination and understanding. For the purpose of the study three cities based on population density and growth have been identified: Mumbai (megacity), Chennai (metro to large city) and Ahmedabad (medium to large city). The Objectives of the study are to map urban health governance structures and public health

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    services in Municipal Corporations of 3 cities till ward level, examine the different urban agencies responsible for delivering public health services with focus on management on mosquito-borne diseases, identify key indicators to assess the performance of the urban health system and highlight key strengths and weaknesses in urban health governance.led light bulbs wholesale